5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Website

You’ve had your business website for years. It looks good, right? Is there any reason you’d need a new business website design? As it turns out, yes, there are several… five to be precise.

Many companies drag their feet when it comes to admitting a new website design is needed. Most would rather just face the issue “later.” However, websites for businesses age over time. Even if they age well, they’re still aging, and that means there will be very legitimate reasons to plan for a new business website design. Here are five of the most important reasons for a redesign:

1. Your Business Website Design Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

You know when you’ve landed on a website that isn’t mobile responsive. It’s difficult to read and unpleasant to view. Like most people, you probably left that website quickly.

Websites like this are mobile-unfriendly, meaning they weren’t designed to display properly on a mobile device. In a digital world, website designers will tell you that’s a genuinely terrible mistake to make. Even though the pandemic increased desktop use due to more people working remotely, responsive websites are a requirement. Who says that? Well, Google for one.

The search engine began penalizing non-responsive websites in 2015. Three years later, they launched mobile-first indexing. Clearly, they prioritize mobile viewing. Having a non-responsive website is now a liability.

2. Editing Your Existing Website is Difficult

Perhaps your company’s website has been around for a long time and you’ve just inherited it. Is it hosted on a sub-par server? Is getting into the backend difficult? Did the previous webmasters fall behind on plugin and software updates? Is the organization of files and images in the backend difficult to understand? All of this can add up to a nightmare when it comes time to make changes or edits to your website. When a business website design is incomprehensible to the people in charge of it, that’s not good.

What’s the solution? In most cases, a new website design created by experienced web designers is the only logical solution.

Websites need to be updated often. That goes for content and various technical updates. Failure to do this results in an aging, outdated website that is doomed to decline in Google rankings.

3. You Are Rebranding

Rebranding a company involves many components. There may be a new logo, altered brand colors, and new marketing messaging. Then, of course, there’s your website. It’s possible that after a rebrand, your existing website’s look is ridiculously out of date.

Clearly, your website must reflect whatever rebranding you have in place. There may be extensive design changes involved. You may need to tweak or replace content. With most business websites consisting of hundreds of pages, this is a major task. However, it needs to happen. A business website design must always reflect your company as it is now, not how it was a couple of years ago.

4. Your Service Offerings Have Undergone Major Change

Websites for businesses need to be upgraded when something significant changes. This might include moving to a new location, the hiring of new executives, or some kind of major shift in product/service offerings. In these situations, a few minor tweaks to your website aren’t going to get the job done.

It’s possible your entire keyword or SEO campaign strategy needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. At the very least, you may have to make extensive edits to the content. Failure to make these changes across the entire website is dangerous. For example, let’s say your business has a new address. If you miss changing the address anywhere on your website, Google’s algorithm sees two addresses and may get confused. They may trust you less as a result. Your business website design people need to stay on top of all company changes and transitions.

5. You Face Greater Competition

More competition is inevitable in any business field. It’s how you deal with it that determines whether you stay ahead or fall behind others in your field. Consequently, if a competitor’s online presence is better than your own, that’s a problem.

It’s always good to remember that your website is often the first impression a customer has of you. Design, ease of navigation, and fantastic content are all things that get viewers to like your website and get comfortable with your company. If someone else has a more effective website than you, that’s a disadvantage and you could benefit from content marketing services.

Make the Most of Your Business Website Design

Do any of the five signs listed above ring true for your business? If so, it’s time to consider a new website. 

Don’t trust such an enormous task to just anyone. Dreamscape Marketing is at the forefront of website design and smart SEO strategies. We can work with you to create the website you need. Call us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss your new business website design and the digital marketing services we provide.