5 Benefits to Working With a Specialized Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

Healthcare operators won’t have any trouble finding companies that want to do their digital marketing. However, if you don’t partner with the right healthcare digital marketing agency, you’ll regret it.

Not every digital marketing firm is right for you. Even if a company enjoys a good reputation, it doesn’t mean that they know a thing about the healthcare industry. Healthcare marketers are a very unique breed, and there aren’t as many highly accomplished ones as you might think.

Characteristics of a Good Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

As you consider healthcare marketing specialists, look for the following five characteristics in any company you choose to work with:

1. A Reputable Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Understands the Unique Nature of Healthcare

It’s not enough that a digital marketing company knows digital marketing. It’s also not enough that they have been successful with clients in non-healthcare fields. Don’t be fooled by a glib sales pitch. You don’t want to be their guinea pig as they try to work their way into the healthcare field. Let them obtain some experience with some other healthcare provider than you.

Many marketing agencies work with clients helping them to sell products. They may be only too happy to tell you that they are very good at it. However, that doesn’t mean such experience translates easily to healthcare. A specialized healthcare digital marketing agency has long since moved past the learning curve and brings real value to a partnership.

2. They Understand the Patients’ Point of View

Healthcare is a service, and a very specialized one. Unlike products, services require a different sort of commitment from the viewer. For one thing, the relationship is more personal (and potentially long-term). Healthcare marketing specialists understand this and customize their messaging and content accordingly.

Even more than with products, services are something viewers research. They expect to find detailed information and they are looking for an office or facility that shows commitment and dedication. The engagement is going to be deeper. Healthcare marketers that don’t keep this in mind do so at their own peril.

3. They Prioritize Patient Referrals

Patient referrals are an extremely valuable aspect of healthcare marketing. When a practice or facility is able to generate a healthy number of patient referrals, it speaks volumes about patient trust.

While customer referrals are important in any business, they are particularly vital in healthcare. No one wants to make the wrong choice for themselves when it comes to healthcare. Consequently, they will place a very high value on the testimonials of patients when they are in the decision-making process. A healthcare digital marketing agency recognizes the power of patient referrals and will strive to make them a part of any marketing strategy.

Any healthcare facility can say it’s dedicated to patient care. However, when a facility presents glowing testimonials that reaffirm the dedication, the effect on viewers is far more powerful. Video is especially effective because viewers can see and hear the content. Such testimonials can be blended organically into content marketing and virtually any type of promotional material generated for a facility.

4. They Know It’s Important to Leverage Good Online Reviews

In the digital era, most purchasing decisions involve the internet. It’s no different for healthcare.

Obtaining positive online reviews is vitally important. Yet, many healthcare offices and facilities don’t pay as much attention to them as they should. A smart healthcare digital marketing agency will focus attention on the online reviews you get. It’s another way you gain authority in a competitive field.

5. They Understand Your Reputation Depends on Patient Trust

More than a few highly reputable healthcare providers have been blindsided when a few bad reviews pop up about them online. If they aren’t deeply invested in digital marketing, It’s even possible that they’ve been unaware of these reviews due to a lack of digital marketing engagement.

Excellent healthcare marketers know that patient trust is the most valuable asset you have. Furthermore, they’ll do everything possible to help you increase that trust so that one or two negative reviews won’t endanger your overall reputation. 

Choose Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency Carefully

As you consider your marketing needs, be sure to work with a company that knows healthcare well. You don’t have time to be training them about your industry. That’s not your job. They should have that knowledge already.

Dreamscape Marketing is a healthcare digital marketing agency that brings much to the table. Leveraging our deep knowledge and experience with healthcare clients, we offer ethical digital marketing that focuses on results, not promises. Contact us today at 888.307.7304 and let’s discuss your digital marketing plan.