How can addiction treatment facility developers have greater confidence when scouting potential locations for new drug rehab centers? Wouldn’t it be helpful to access some kind of substance use trend prediction technology?

How many times have addiction treatment centers witnessed sudden drops in phone calls for a certain kind of treatment, only to be blindsided by patient demand for totally different types of treatment?

Have you selected the right location to build a facility? Can you plan for unexpected abuse trends? Are you forced to forever be behind the curve predicting future treatment needs? Fortunately, there isa way for addiction treatment center operators to be on the leading edge. Substance use trend prediction technology is available right now.

Predicting What Seems Unpredictable

Instead of reacting to substance use trends, healthcare center operators can now anticipate and effectively plan for them. It’s now possible through heat-mapping to identify individual communities where substance use hot spots are flaring up. It’s also easier to understand whythese hot spots occur.

As an example, let’s say there’s a hypothetical fentanyl bust in Baltimore. Imagine this information is identified by a system that carefully tracks such information in great detail. In addition, the system also identifies a sudden shift toward meth and cocaine use in the Baltimore area to fill what would have been fentanyl demand.

Now imagine that you have an addiction treatment center in Baltimore… and you’re aware of all of this information. You don’t have to imagine such a scenario. In fact, you can have access to this data right now.

How Trend Prediction Technology Benefits Healthcare Treatment Stakeholders

Through an exclusive partnership with Biospatial, Dreamscape Marketing can take proprietary artificial intelligence and heat-mapping data and clearly identify your area’s most likely treatment needs in the immediate future.

What You Get:

  • Prevailing trends regarding any shift in the drug supply chain
  • Deep insight into demand for treatment services
  • The ability to view prevalence and trends by geography, time, patient demographics, destination facility, etc.
  • Real-time data on medical transports related to substance use and private treatment
  • Real-time demographic data on substance use-related medical admissions
  • Fully interactive, web-based dashboard with custom search, visualization, and download capabilities

How You Benefit:

  • Useful for prospective & existing facilities alike: big data provides invaluable assistance with the following: 
    • Acquisition targeting
    • Location expansion
    • De-Novo builds
    • Paid search ad targeting
    • Geographic keyword targeting in SEO
    • Making investment decisions
    • Conducting market research
    • Creating a competitor analysis
    • Determining commercial payer mix
    • Identifying potential hospital partnerships
    • Determining clinical programs according to type of substance use
  • More relevant marketing messaging: Precisely fine-tune marketing messaging and remain laser-focused on the types of substance use that are most prevalent in your region (or about to be).
  • Greater budgeting efficiency: Create more efficient budgeting & be able to allocate more funds to areas where they can do the most good.
  • More effective administration & policy making: Operationalize knowledge and more efficiently administer policies and spending.

This powerful tool was originally developed by Biospatial to identify health-related data sources that could provide early warning of biological weapon attacks and infectious disease outbreaks. In more recent years, its increasingly vast array of data can now inform virtually all healthcare disciplines. Until Dreamscape Marketing’s exclusive partnership with Biospatial, such information had been largely untapped in behavioral healthcare.

Leverage the Power of Substance Use Trend Prediction Technology

The data generated by trend prediction technology has the ability to bring about meaningful change for addiction treatment centers. Dreamscape Marketing is proud to be at the forefront of harnessing the latest heat-mapping technology and data collection. In doing so, we can assist addiction treatment owners in making more cost-effective financial and marketing decisions.

Developers and financiers can now effectively target areas to build treatment facilities based on highly accurate localized data. Facility operators can now better plan treatment based on real-time data concerning fast-emerging drug abuse trends. That means better returns on investment and better clinical care for patients.

For more information about how Dreamscape Marketing can utilize substance use trend prediction technology to enhance your ability to anticipate (and plan for) addiction treatment demand, call us today at 888.307.7304 or fill in the form below.