The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic is an extension of Cleveland Clinic offering virtual second opinions to patients around the globe. Their second opinions program gives patients access to the world-class expertise of more than 3500 Cleveland Clinic specialists in over 550 subspecialties, making it easier than ever to get the care they need.

Dreamscape was tasked with bringing The Clinic by Cleveland Clinic to life through digital channels, creating an online presence that effectively tells their story and encourages more people to take advantage of their second opinion services. One of their primary goals was to clarify the relationship between their primary site, the Cleveland Clinic site, and their registration site.

Starting with a web page redesign, Dreamscape worked quickly to create a unified look and feel across all digital properties and to create an easier path for site visitors to register for their second opinion services. Mobile usability was also a primary focus, with an emphasis on fast page speeds and intuitive navigation.

We also created an informative, conversational, and SEO-optimized blog strategy featuring thought leadership pieces covering how second opinions work, the benefits of the second opinion process, and conditions they often see.

After the launch of this site, we saw consistent growth for several months before we saw any decrease in volume. We achieved very low bounce rates, more time on page, and a high average of pages per session, which indicates users who found what they were looking for participated in the lead funnel that we created for The Clinic.