The senior housing sector in America can be expensive. Although some communities offer high-end options, many retirees can only afford basic ones. Solvida Development Group provides a solution focusing on a vast middle market that has yet to be tapped. The middle market is characterized by nearly no competition—and it offers extraordinary returns. Solvida provides affordable housing and assisted living centers focusing on community engagement, wellness, and social responsibility.

Before Solvida came to Dreamscape Marketing in late 2021, they had already identified the southern U.S. states as their target market. Dreamscape Marketing worked with them to create a website that conveyed the message of Solvida’s brand—the power of community and living life to its fullest. This was done by highlighting key features such as wellness programs, community gardens, and active lifestyles.

The website was designed with a modern look that is both professional and inviting. It features a clean layout to ensure all information can be accessed quickly and easily. Solvida’s website also serves as an effective tool for targeting potential investors in the private equity sector. It effectively communicates the credibility of Solvida’s business plan and the ample opportunity available in the middle market.