Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Centers is one of the few available resources for outpatient substance use disorder (SUD) treatment near the Providence area. Their center in Barrington serves adult clients seeking drug and alcohol addiction or dual diagnosis treatment that helps them to achieve a healthier, substance-free lifestyle. The centers offer comprehensive services and an individualized approach which includes evidence-based therapies, life skills training, and self-help groups.

Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Centers’ website design was inspired by both the company’s logo and their proximity to Greenwich Bay. Using a calming blue and teal theme and a looping video of boats off the coast of Rhode Island, RIATC’s entire look and feel is designed to calm already-anxious users and give them the information they need in order to make the best decision for treatment. On mobile, a persistent call to action lives literally within a thumb’s reach—human usage of mobile devices showcases that the lowest quadrant of the screen is easiest for thumbs to tap. Putting a link to a phone number within that area potentially decreases the barriers to contacting RIATC to literally one inch.

Before coming to Dreamscape Marketing in early 2023, Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Centers had been concerned about using language online that would be appropriate for their clientele. As part of our content writing services, we have worked with the center to revise their copy and update their tone to be more inclusive while still remaining informative. Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Centers has also seen positive results from our SEO efforts. Since the brand’s site launched in 2023, it’s maintained healthy organic data.

Rhode Island Addiction Treatment Centers now has an active social media presence, and their website traffic is steadily increasing. We continue to help them hone the language used on their website to ensure it resonates with prospective clients.