Promises Behavioral Health operates seven addiction treatment centers around the country with a focus on being a source of compassion for those working toward recovery.

In early 2022, Promises came to Dreamscape to take over their marketing efforts for all locations with the goal of giving sites a refreshed look and bringing in new traffic through SEO-optimized content and PPC campaigns. With page speed and usability as a primary focus, our team worked quickly to refresh their sites, creating a more unified look and feel across all locations.

Dreamscape also worked to create a comprehensive content strategy featuring branded and SEO-driven copywriting that highlights their compassionate, quality care. We implemented a comprehensive PPC campaign to increase visibility, drive traffic and create more opportunities for conversion.

The result has been that sessions have more than doubled, health metrics are higher, and Promises is seeing more conversions. The efforts of Dreamscape have allowed Promises to build an online presence that highlights their values, connects with the people who need them most, and gets results.