Maimonides Medical Center is a world-class care center that has served Brooklyn’s diverse population for more than 100 years. With over 700 beds and Brooklyn’s only pediatric trauma center, Maimonides is uniquely positioned to serve its community.

Acquiring a local community hospital as well as a specialty center led Maimonides to consider new branding as they introduced these services to their current and potential patients. To help Maimonides build an online presence that truly reflects the caliber of care they provide, Dreamscape was brought on create a cohesive and unified digital experience.

Working closely with Maimonides, Dreamscape developed new web pages telling the story of their new locations and the services offered. Content highlighting their pediatric trauma center, their bone and joint center, and services offered in their standalone emergency department was carefully crafted to be accessible, informative, and engaging.

With the help of Dreamscape, Maimonides was able to build an online presence that highlights their varied offerings and gives patients access to the information they need.