Jordan and Associates is a company that recruits business development and clinical staff for behavioral health facilities. While 90% of their focus is on helping these treatment centers hire key staff, they also offer consulting, business development services, and more. Before coming to Dreamscape Marketing in 2022, Jordan and Associates knew they needed a website redesign to provide prospective candidates with an intuitive user experience and access to job postings and team member bios. They were also looking for a new website optimized for search engine rankings so potential candidates could quickly find it and then upload their resumes and apply for jobs directly on the site.

Jordan and Associates wanted a website that would reflect their expertise in consulting. We crafted a website that showcases their dynamic approach, featuring engaging animations and creative graphical elements that complement their strong corporate color scheme. The website has a modern and professional look and feel, with a clear focus on the services they offer. The site’s typography is clean and easy to read. The use of animations throughout the website adds a touch of interactivity, making the user experience more engaging and memorable. With a mobile-first design, the website is optimized for all devices, ensuring a seamless user experience.

In the months succeeding the site refresh, we saw better session duration, bounce rate, and pages per session. Session growth continued after the refresh and beyond, with organic search contributing a more significant share of overall traffic. After the launch, Jordan and Associates saw an increased conversion rate from those coming onto their new website. 

Jordan and Associates have since seen tremendous growth in their recruitment efforts, with qualified candidates applying for positions daily. With the team’s dedication to providing excellent service, plus our optimized web presence, Jordan and Associates are well-positioned for continued success.