Illumination Mental Health is a residential mental health treatment center in Los Angeles specializing in clinical care in a warm, welcoming environment.

Illumination began working with Dreamscape before opening their treatment center to develop a brand identity and build a website. Their goal was to create an online presence that reflected the organization’s values, with design elements that reflect the journey their clients take from darkness to a bright future.

In a matter of weeks, Dreamscape created an entire digital identity for Illumination. By highlighting both the warm and welcoming environment of their treatment center along with their clinical expertise, Dreamscape conveyed a message of hope, healing, and relief. We also included illustrated elements to bring the website to life and unique calls-to-action to encourage visitors to take the necessary steps towards recovery.

The website launch was accompanied by several other marketing efforts, including unique, SEO-optimized content. Since the launch of their site, Illumination has connected with more people and seen more conversions, meaning more people are finding the help they need. Through Dreamscape’s efforts, Illumination Mental Health has been able to create an online presence that truly reflects the values of their organization and gives their clients hope for a brighter future.