One of the biggest elements of successful SEO campaign management is proper webpage indexing optimization. The goal for touch screen webpage indexing optimizationyour website should be the highest search engine rankings and the largest amount of organic traffic possible. The more people that interact with your site, the better.

But what is webpage indexing and how can you optimize it?

What is Indexing?

To understand webpage indexing optimization, you must first understand indexing itself. Google sends out bots known as “spiders” to crawl the web and analyze new and old sites for updates and new content. If you create a new website, Google’s spiders will comb through all of your web pages and take note of any potential keywords or links to/from other sites. This is how the spiders decide what your web page is about. Once Google has indexed your site, your site will site will begin showing up on search results.

When someone makes a search query, Google will try to offer relevant websites. If your site has relevant keywords and links to/from reliable sources on the same topic, you may very well pop up within the first couple pages of results. However, Google has gotten smarter and more efficient at it’s indexing, which means that using the system to your benefit is harder than ever. With the introduction of things like mobile first indexing, search query intent, and nofollow links, SEO has never been more complicated.

That’s why we here at Dreamscape want to help you understand what goes into webpage indexing optimization.

Elements of Webpage Indexing Optimization

There are a number of factors you should consider when trying to optimize how Google indexes your webpage.

Add New Content Regularly

One of the ways to increase your ranking is to make sure that Google indexes your site more than once. The more it indexes it, the more likely it is to rank well. However, Google doesn’t update or reindex things automatically. To counter this, you must add new content to your site regularly.

When you add new content, Google will crawl through it and update your already indexed site. Moreover, if you regularly post new content, Google will learn to “check in” with you for potential updates. If you develop a reliable pattern of posting content, Google will reindex your site faster and faster over time.

Quality Content

This is the factor that many SEO companies regularly overlook in webpage indexing optimization. In the early days of Google, it might have been simple to fill a site with keywords, post regularly, and receive a good ranking. Nowadays, the credibility and quality of your site matters a lot. In fact, if you are caught keyword stuffing, you may even be penalized for it.

However, this doesn’t mean that keywords aren’t important. However, your keywords must be backed by a helpful site. Google now takes query intent into account. What is the person searching for? Are they looking to make a purchase or learn information or find a specific site? Can your web page answer their questions? You want other sites to link to your page, but not if that site is unreliable itself.

Speed and Ease of Use

The other important element of webpage indexing optimization is speed. You want your website to run quickly and smoothly for a number of reasons. For one, you want Google to be able to index it as soon after you hit “publish” as possible. Also, a fast-running site will improve the user experience. Google recognizes this and prioritizes it when it recommends sites.

Reliable content and a fast-loading website are both huge factors that Google considers!

Balancing These Things with Dreamscape

If you’re running a company, it can be a huge drain of resources to focus on webpage indexing optimization. You have to post regularly, update and streamline your site, and create quality content that is full of keywords but won’t trigger any of Google’s penalizations. It can be an overwhelming load to handle. However, this balance is where Dreamscape really thrives. Between our award-winning content marketing, brand management, and website hosting, we will make your website extremely attractive to all search engines. If you’re ready to upgrade your digital presence, contact us today at 888.307.7304.