Your website may have great content, solid URL structure, and a sexy design. However, if you have slow page load speed, it won’t matter. You’ll still lose customers. In fact, Google may even penalize you and cause your rankings to plummet. Fortunately, Dreamscape Marketing can give you a sleek, well-optimized website without sacrificing speed.

Why Should You Make Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Digital marketing professional looking at page load speed metrics10 years ago, it would have been fine—short-sighted, but fine—to only worry about desktop optimization. However, Google’s mobile-first indexing makes it tough to rank if you don’t have a mobile friendly website design. If you’re only concerned with how fast your website loads on a desktop computer in 2018, the competition will leave you in the dust.

As a business owner, think about your own consumer habits. If a website takes forever to load on your phone, how likely are you to make a purchase? Chances are you’ll navigate away from that website and go to a competitor whose faster website creates a better user experience.

Your potential customers are no different. Slow page load speed will undoubtedly impact your conversions.

WordPress Enabled

For consumers unfamiliar with your brand, your website design will be their first impression. A good-looking site will get them in the virtual door. However, a responsive website will keep them there.

Working within WordPress, which is our preferred CMS, our team of web developers and designers have the tools and expertise to give you a fast—and beautiful—website.

More Than Just Faster Page Load Speed

Launching a new and faster website is just a small part of how we can build your online presence. As part of our suite of digital marketing services, we can also deploy PPC and SEO Campaigns to help funnel traffic to your new site. During these campaigns, we use various Google Management tools like Search Console and Analytics to monitor your site’s performance and address any issues.

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