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Best Strategies for Senior Living Content Marketing

If you want to increase senior awareness of your brand and build trust, you need to carefully consider the best strategies for senior living content marketing. Unlike some heavy-handed marketing techniques—which can be against Google guidelines—content marketing highlights the most valuable aspect of your website. It allows you to educate your audience of prospective residents.…

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How Google’s Monopoly Harms Addiction Treatment Competition

When a company becomes a monopoly, there are many consequences. Most of those consequences aren’t good for the consumer or for companies, including the marketing of detox and drug rehab centers. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to say that Google’s monopoly harms addiction treatment competition. As a result, addiction treatment marketing becomes that much more…

essential online listings for senior living communities

Essential Online Listings to Claim for Your Senior Living Community

In the pandemic era, senior living marketing has become more complicated. Website and social media content are important to your senior living digital marketing efforts. However, remember that SEO involves many components. One of them is the process of finding online listings to claim for your senior living community. By doing so, you are upping…

benefits to working with a digital marketing agency

Benefits to Working With a Digital Marketing Agency

Every business is faced with a big question regarding its website. Should you maintain it yourself? Is it appropriate to be doing the work of professional digital marketers yourself? The truth is that there are many benefits to working with a digital marketing agency.  Business, especially business in a COVID and post-COVID world, is complicated.…

is seo really worth it

Is SEO Really Worth It?

Every business wants its website to be an effective contributor to its profitability. It’s not enough to simply get a website online. It’s not even enough to put up good content. Some companies ask, “Is SEO really worth it?” The answer couldn’t be more obvious. Dreamscape Marketing’s considerable experience in designing and building custom websites…

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How to Drive New Patients to Your Dental Practice with Digital Marketing

Let’s be clear about a few things. Traditional marketing was the past. Digital marketing is a huge part of the present. Digital marketing will dominate the future. It’s that simple. Therefore, it’s important to drive new patients to your dental practice with digital marketing. Think of digital marketing as the great equalizer. Solo dental practices,…

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Telehealth & Digital Marketing for Healthcare Businesses

When the pandemic arrived, it overturned norms in every industry, including healthcare. Suddenly, business as usual became an odd phrase. Consequently, telehealth and digital marketing for healthcare businesses is one of the main topics of discussion in the industry right now. Quarantines and social distancing altered how we communicate on a daily basis. In healthcare,…

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Importance of Bing for Senior Living Search Marketing

Mention the search engine Bing in some circles and people will literally laugh at you. Yes, it is a distance second to Google in terms of popularity. However, it’s foolish to discount its ability to drive web traffic to senior living communities. In fact, the importance of Bing for senior living search marketing can’t be…

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Quarantine, Rehab Alumni Programs & Relapse Prevention: They’re All Connected

Although relapse prevention has always been a key priority for addiction treatment centers, the battle is never truly won. There are a multitude of circumstances that cause patients to relapse, no matter how excellent the treatment they received. Then, of course, there’s the pandemic. No greater obstacle to sobriety exists than what the coronavirus has…