overdose deaths during COVID

Overdose Deaths During COVID: How Should Addiction Treatment Centers Respond?

Addiction treatment centers probably could have predicted it even before the numbers came out. The number of overdose deaths during COVID exploded last year by a shocking 30%. According to the CDC, last year’s numbers were the highest the government agency has ever recorded. In a recent statement, the NCHS said that the rate of…

dental practice marketing post-COVID

Dental Practice Marketing Post-COVID: Tips for Success

As the United States gets closer to a Post-COVID environment, it’s time for dental practices to take stock and consider how to increase new patients and maximize production. Without question, the pandemic took a toll on dental practice productivity. Now is the time to re-examine critical aspects of dental practice marketing post-COVID to look for…

senior living marketing

4 Online Connections for Your Senior Living Marketing

4 Senior Living Marketing Online Connections Points Finding your target audience online can be almost as difficult as converting them. That task is even harder in senior living marketing for busy marketers trying to help new residents find their communities. And while there are more than 284 million internet users in the U.S, the stereotype…

role of SEO in online reputation management strategy

The Role of SEO in Your Online Reputation Management Strategy

Understanding the role of SEO in online reputation management strategy is key to future growth and profitability. Through the careful coordination of content and search engine results pages, it’s possible to achieve SEO reputation management. Your online reputation begins the moment someone Googles your company’s name. The first pages that pop up say a lot…

Google My Business

How Important Is Google My Business to Local SEO?

Local businesses must achieve high visibility on Google. It’s essential for rankings and attracting viewers to their websites. When the pandemic emerged, it served to emphasize the increasing importance of local SEO. Now, it’s impossible to create a digital marketing strategy without a strong emphasis on local SEO. As a result, Google My Business listing…

Google page experience update

Is Your Treatment Center prepared for Google’s Page Experience Update?

As of June 2021, Google adds the page experience to its ranking algorithm. This Google page experience update, also known as the core web vitals update, is all part of their effort to better assess a website’s responsiveness and provide better search results. Now, the page experience is a factor in how Google ranks websites.…

omnichannel marketing

What Is Omnichannel Marketing? What Does It Mean for Small Businesses?

In recent years, omnichannel marketing for small businesses has become increasingly important. But what is omnichannel marketing exactly? Basically, it’s a way of spreading your brand presence across several online and offline platforms. Online channels would include your website, social media and email while offline channels include things like events.  The idea is that you…

website structure for SEO

5 Ways to Create a Dental Practice Website Structure That’s Optimized for SEO

Your dental practice website’s structure matters for a variety of reasons. However, it’s your website structure for SEO that is a key determining factor for whether you get enough web traffic. Creating a website without SEO in mind is as unrealistic as working on a new patient’s teeth without consulting x-rays first. In other words,…

Drug Rehab Marketing

4 Factors Influencing Substance Use Trends

With nearly 18 million Americans struggling with at least one addiction, the need for substance use assistance is considerable. Any ethical method of increasing your drug rehab marketing reach can be a valuable tool in getting your message to those who need you. One way of magnifying your marketing power is identifying the factors influencing…