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Addiction Treatment Marketing Ethics & Drug Rehab Digital Marketing

At Dreamscape Marketing, we adhere to a strict code of ethics to ensure we’re offering the highest quality content. Although the field of digital marketing services is fairly new, we recognize its potential dangers to vulnerable populations. This is especially true in the addiction treatment and healthcare fields. Every day, thousands of individuals search for…


How In-House Marketing for Drug Rehab Centers Can Be Disastrous

The whole idea of in-house marketing for drug rehab centers is appealing for many facilities—in theory. Like every theory, however, real-world testing can reveal that in-house marketing isn’t everything it promises.Many operators assume that an internal marketing department gives them more control over the message and more control over costs. Typically, they imagine that they…

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab SEO Strategies – What You Need to Know

Competition in the addiction treatment field is intense. As a result, alcohol and drug rehab SEO strategies are competing for a relatively small number of keywords. Yet, with the right strategies deployed by SEO experts, your detox or drug rehab center can improve your Google rankings, drive traffic and ultimately increase admissions.While social media certainly…

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Addiction Treatment Keywords Can Determine a Drug Rehab Website’s Success

The right addiction treatment keywords can have a strong influence on the success of your drug rehab website. That’s why keyword research is an essential high-return activity that can’t be ignored by any facility.Learning keyword demand in the field of detox and rehab helps you learn not only what terms and phrases to use, but…