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What Kind of Marketing Plan Do You Need For Your Mental Health Practice?

Mental health treatment providers are faced with a difficult task. Approximately half the population will experience some form of illness in their lifetime. Yet 60% of them won’t actually pursue treatment. As a result, mental health marketing must accomplish the enormous feat of getting them into treatment. Are you marketing mental health services the right way?…

mental health digital marketing

How To Build A Sustainable Mental Health Digital Marketing Strategy

A smart mental health digital marketing strategy empowers you to reach prospective patients. Reaching them has never been more important.In the wake of the pandemic, the public’s collective mental health has been severely challenged. Anxiety and depression reached new levels as a direct result of COVID. At the same time, drug and alcohol addiction rates…

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Top Marketing Strategies For Behavioral Health Centers

Behavioral health services are always in great demand. That means your behavioral healthcare marketing strategy must be optimized so you can better reach people who need help. Unfortunately, many in the behavioral health field rely far too much on referrals and informal word of mouth. That’s not an organized digital marketing strategy.You need something better. One…

behavioral health marketing

4 Great PPC Advertising Tips For Behavioral Health Marketing

Mental health treatment centers have a challenging mission. However, that challenge begins long before treatment begins. As part of your behavioral health marketing, you need to attract prospective patients to your website. That process begins with smart PPC advertising. All marketing strategies for behavioral health require a vigorous PPC plan to work in tandem with a…

addiction treatment consultant

5 Great Reasons To Hire an Addiction Treatment Consultant

The addiction treatment space is surely one of the most unique and challenging in the entire field of behavioral healthcare. Therefore, the role of your addiction treatment consultant and the marketing strategy they put in play is pivotal to increasing your admission rates.There are a lot of addiction treatment consultants out there. Unfortunately, not every…

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The Best Content Marketing Strategy for Dentists

Your dental practice marketing puts patients in chairs. More specifically, an excellent content marketing strategy for dentists should be front and center if you wish to increase production.Traditionally, many dentists don’t take marketing all that seriously. Although no one practicing these days experienced the era when dental practices didn’t advertise at all, a certain skepticism…