Dreamscape Marketing Switches to PHP7

Dreamscape Marketing always keeps your business moving forward and past your competition. We’ve upgraded all of our servers and WordPress websites to PHP7. What does that mean? This means your website will load and run 2x faster, which is faster than 80% of the rest of WordPress websites on the Internet.

The Cost of Slow Load Time

Research shows even one extra second of load time can hurt conversion rates by 7%. Conversion rates are most dramatically affected in the first two seconds of page load time.

How PHP7 Gives You a Leg Up on the Competition

For sites running PHP5, switching to PHP7 will:

  • Increase site speed by up to 300%
  • Improve memory consumption by 50%
  • Serve up to 3x as many requests per second

Google also considers speed a prime factor for SERPs ranking. Switching to PHP7 will lead to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and better SEO—especially on mobile. Speaking of mobile, the switch to PHP7 will also help during Google’s push for mobile-friendly indexing.

Why PHP7 Matters

WordPress uses the programming language PHP to build pages, make plugins work, and keep WordPress sites running smoothly. As the PHP language evolves, newer versions run faster on web servers. PHP7 is the latest and fastest version. Moving from a budget host using older versions of PHP to PHP7 hosting can result in a website that’s faster at loading web pages and generating revenue.

Technology Specifically Designed for WordPress

Rather than having to support many different CMS’s and web technologies, our focus is tailored to WordPress. Using caching, traffic routing, and database systems, we ensure that your website is best optimized for WordPress.


EverCache®, our innovative WordPress caching technology, speeds up your site by using WordPress specific optimizations on our servers.


We distribute your site to thousands of servers around the world so it’s delivered locally to your customers for a faster experience.

Better Performance, Higher Conversions

Upgrading to PHP7 is great news for your website, your users, and for Google SEO performance. Together, WP Engine® and PHP7 deliver a lightning-fast website that will help boost your bottom line!

Experience our PHP7 Server Upgrade Today

Our PHP7 server upgrade allows us to continue offering website hosting to our clients. To learn more about our digital marketing services, call Dreamscape Marketing now at 888.307.7304.