10 Reasons Why SEO is Like an Addiction Treatment Program – Reason #4: Nutrition Plays a Big Part

bowls of healthy foods represent that Nutrition Plays a Big PartYou already know that detoxing from the substance alone is not the only step in a drug rehab program, nor is the substance use the only area of concern during recovery. Most drug rehab facilities address a variety of issues that are fundamentally important in preventing a client’s relapse, such as nutrition, exercise, stress, and mental health.

Components like diet and mental health are the foundations of treating substance addiction disorders. If medical professionals leave them unattended, the client is at heightened risk for relapse or other health problems. Addressing these aspects of the client’s health during recovery not only help the recovery process go smoother, but it also ensures sustainability after treatment.

Similarly, SEO relies on the foundations of the website. Excellent on-page optimization won’t do the job if it’s constrained by ill-considered, low-quality link building and poor content. In the same way that healthy food provides nourishment for the body, good content nourishes and supports SEO.

The Importance of Content

Content is the core of your website. Without solid content, you don’t have a solid foundation for anything else. In a recent report by Ascend2, 72% of worldwide marketers believe that relevant content is the most effective SEO tactic. Having creative, topical, and relevant content will be the driving force behind the success and growth of your site.

Dreamscape Marketing assures its clients that high-quality content and links are absolutely vital for a successful website. Without content, a website has no substance and no support for any other endeavors.

How It Comes Together

In the same way that a poor diet and unmanaged mental health are disastrous to a client during a drug rehab recovery program, low-quality content and poor linking create a weak foundation for a successful SEO campaign.

On the other hand, just like how good nutrition positively fuels the body, quality content and links create the necessary building blocks to yield successful SEO results. If you want your SEO campaign to succeed, you have to give it the proper nutrition to do so.[ult_buttons btn_title=”Access the Full Whitepaper” btn_link=”url:%2Fresources%2F10-reasons-seo-like-addiction-treatment-program%2F|||” btn_align=”ubtn-center” btn_size=”ubtn-large” btn_title_color=”#002b55″ btn_bg_color=”#f2f5f7″ btn_bg_color_hover=”#b7d23f” btn_title_color_hover=”#f2f5f7″ icon_size=”32″ btn_icon_pos=”ubtn-sep-icon-at-left” btn_border_style=”solid” btn_color_border=”#f2f5f7″ btn_color_border_hover=”#b7d23f” btn_border_size=”1″ btn_radius=”0″ btn_font_family=”font_family:Zilla Slab|font_call:Zilla+Slab|variant:italic” btn_font_style=”font-style:italic;” btn_font_size=”desktop:20px;” el_class=”button_drop-shadow”]