10 Reasons Why SEO is Like an Addiction Treatment Program – Reason #10: If It’s Too Good To Be True…

a woman looking at a laptop thinking If It’s Too Good to Be True it probably isSome clients look for drug rehab facilities that promise to quickly ‘cure’ them of their addiction. However, facilities offering this are often too good to be true. As professionals at any quality addiction treatment center know, recovery isn’t quick and the word ‘cure’ is very inappropriate when discussing addiction recovery. They also know that clients promising these things are highly dubious and likely have very low success rates.

You know that you would never make these claims to your clients because you know better due to your professional training and experience.

You Can’t Trust Everyone

Just as you wouldn’t advise clients to trust those drug rehab facilities, you have to be wary of digital marketing companies that try to make the same promises about your SEO and digital marketing campaigns. Neither recovery from substance addiction nor SEO success come quickly.

If a digital marketing company is making claims that their SEO will bring you fast results, it’s probably too good to be true. Some fraudulent companies don’t care about your success, they just want your money. The only way to have a successful SEO campaign is to rely on a company with a strong reputation and that is honest with you about your prospects.

SEO Isn’t Easy

Good SEO is a methodical process and it seldom can produce overnight results. It often takes time to analyze your current site to determine what works well and what needs improvements. Marketing companies also have to decide what type of quality organic content should be added to your website. As mentioned earlier, effective SEO relies on quality content. All of these things take time.

Once the campaign begins, there’s also no guarantee it’s going to become wildly successful right away. It takes time to monitor the progress and determine what tweaks need to be made to help it continue down a successful path.

You probably become frustrated when rehab clients expect instant results. You shouldn’t make the same mistake regarding SEO. Don’t get taken in by companies that promise quick results and instant success. Do your research and understand that these companies are usually too good to be true.