Addiction Treatment Marketing.

At Dreamscape Marketing, we offer call tracking services and a contact form tracking system for addiction treatment centers across the country in all of our digital marketing campaigns. However, in our efforts to always provide the greatest accuracy and transparency across all campaign efforts, we are proud to announce the addition of addiction treatment CRM and EMR integrations with the industry-leading software platform, Kipu Health. With CRM fully integrated with EMR, the software system can now provide even more accuracy in patient source of origin in combination with EMR attributes, such as average length of stay, for our clients.

Integrating Addiction Treatment CRM with EMR Software

Specifically, an addiction treatment EMR is a system that provides invaluable electronic medical records and decision support for addiction professionals. This includes the medical and treatment history of each patient, along with further data that helps you make more effective decisions.

At Dreamscape, we can now provide even more detailed call tracking data. For example, we offer call attribution support which gives you the source of each call, be it a referral partner, SEO, PPC ads, alumni, organic search, or content.

An addiction treatment EMR has the upper hand over paper records in the field today. This data is easily accessible and allows you to recognize which patients require a checkup or further treatment. Moreover, you can track data over time, monitor and improve the overall quality of care you provide, not to mention federal and state compliance with related HIPAA laws.

Learn More About Kipu EMR for Addiction Treatment and Mental Health Centers

Kipu Health is an addiction treatment software company designed in the addiction recovery community, for the addiction recovery community. Their industry-leading addiction treatment EMR includes pre-admission records, verification of benefits, full-featured CRM, utilization reviews, assessment tools, bed occupancy, aftercare, and more. Furthermore, they have fully integrated billing, security checks, calendars, and performance tracking services.

Currently, Kipu Health provides EMR software for over 1,500 addiction treatment centers, with over 55,000 daily users, and 750,000 episodes of care.

Industry Leading Digital Marketing at Dreamscape

With addiction treatment EMR integration, Dreamscape Marketing continues to provide the highest quality digital marketing services for clients throughout the country. In fact, we offer the latest and greatest advancements in digital marketing, such as:

Each of our clients has their own personal account manager to ensure your needs are met in a timely manner. Dreamscape strives, each and every day, to help bridge the gap between our clients and potential customers who are in need of professional addiction treatment.

Our addiction treatment EMR integrations give our clients another avenue to better manage and improve their care. This secure, HIPAA-compliant connection also decreases the risk of exposure or a cyber breach. In addition, this data will help you create better connections with your clients and track outcomes data while providing more precise information and treatment. For more information about EMR integrations and call tracking at Dreamscape Marketing, you can contact our team at 888.307.7304 today.