Your About Page is Crucial to Your Digital Marketing Success

When auditing our healthcare clients’ About Page more often than not our team finds the digital equivalent of a dusty dented and downtrodden filing cabinet in the back corner of the office. At best it’s an afterthought, just one more thing to check off the to-do list and a place to stash some contact information and operating hours. At worst, it’s a cluttered and unloved mess of outdated staff bios, technical jargon, cookie-cutter mission statements presented in styles from 3 rebrands ago that presents a less than ideal face to your prospective new patients. Neither approach is very engaging for prospective patients visiting your website to see if your treatment center is right for them. Not to mention that static About pages with old information contribute nothing to your SEO strategy.

On the surface, improving your About page is an obvious opportunity to connect with prospective patients, establish your expertise, and present a polished public facing image. What most organizations don’t realize is the value it can bring to support your overall digital marketing strategies. When properly structured and optimized, a carefully crafted About page can:

  • Decrease your site’s bounce rates and increase conversions
  • Boost your website’s rankings on Google
  • Improve your website’s domain authority

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