Addiction Treatment Digital Marketing Benchmark Report – Q2 2022

At Dreamscape Marketing we believe people deserve a transparent online marketplace to learn about their healthcare choices. We support the connection between care researcher and provider through ethical digital marketing.

For treatment providers to serve the public, they need to be found online where most treatment research begins. To do this they need the tools to rank as well as a forecast and plan to use them.

Dreamscape Marketing’s Quarterly Addiction Treatment Digital Marketing Benchmark Report is designed to offer a macro view of the state of digital marketing in our industry and document the changes to the key factors needed for a successful digital marketing plan.

A Troubling Trend in the Q2 Data

This past quarter’s data has brought to light an alarming trend for mental health in America. Q2 2022 saw 184,007 reported EMS transports for suicide ideation and attempts across 48 U.S. states, with a corresponding rise in online search correlations around “depression” and “drugs”. For the first time ever the topic of “suicide” has eclipsed the most popular searchers in behavioral health.

In addition to bringing you our quarterly trend forecast and macro decision making data, we hope this quarter’s report will act as a call to action for you, our treatment center leaders, to prepare your programs and outreach efforts to address this troubling trend.

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