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People deserve a transparent online marketplace to learn about their healthcare choices.

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The connection between online researcher and healthcare provider through digital channels.

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A strategic partnership and plan for healthcare organizations to create new patient opportunities.

How We Help Your Hospital and Health System Marketing.

Dreamscape Marketing is a hospital marketing agency providing marketing executives and organizational leaders a partner in the development, deployment, and management of a performance website and an ROI-focused digital marketing campaign.

Our holistic team delivers bespoke hospital and health system digital marketing strategies that include mobile-friendly performance website design, SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, marketing automation, and attribution technology components that work together to secure top digital real estate positions to connect with and nurture highly qualified new patient opportunities.

Who We Serve.

Their stories and how we’ve helped them achieve their business goals.

Case Study

New Patient Activation.

Partnering with a health system to drive brand awareness and new patient activation for a specialized product rollout. 

Traffic Increase and 13% Increase in Registrations
Case Study

Social Media Paid Ads.

Leveraging the reach of the Meta ad platforms to drive market entry and meet new patient activation goals for a D2C hospital service line. 

Increase in Engagement
Case Study

Enterprise Growth.

Finding long-term and sustainable treatment program growth through data alignment and a cooperative marketing team approach. 

Y-O-Y Increase
in Admissions

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The public wins when they can readily find the very best medical education and care.



Your organization wins with earned trust which lives at the heart of new patient growth.



We grow with you while doing the work we love as the provider-patient connector.

The best outcomes are those that win for everyone.

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Content Services

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Associate Director
of Operations 

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70+ Digital Experts on Eight Highly Specialized Teams Working as One Towards Your Digital Goals and 150+ Healthcare Brand and Media Experts When You Need Them.


For hospitals and health systems to best serve the public, they need to be found online where most research begins.

To do this, they need the tools to rank as well as the forecast and plan to use them.

To create a solution that is custom to your budget and goals, first, we listen. 

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