The Corrigan House is a senior living community licensed to provide personal care services to their residents in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. The multi-generational center is very family-oriented with a focus on helping residents immediately feel at home. Before The Corrigan House came to Dreamscape Marketing in 2023, the brand was missing a cohesive online presence. With our marketing efforts, we were able to create an online presence and increase their awareness in the community.

To get started, in February 2023, we focused on doctor referrals and word-of-mouth marketing that The Corrigan House found worked for them. We collaborated with local medical professionals to help promote The Corrigan House as well as leveraging their existing customer base to spread the word about the senior living center.

The design of the Corrigan House website was crafted specifically to cater to both the demographic of seniors looking for a personal care home as well as the children of seniors looking for a quality care provider for their parents. Taking inspiration from boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfasts, the Corrigan House website has graphical flourishes and details that evoke a feeling of a cozy Victorian home while still feeling modern and sophisticated. Dreamscape modeled the wordmark logo on the actual wooden sign in front of the building, and the color scheme is a calming blue with gold accents.

This compelling, custom-designed website, as well as our marketing efforts, have led to more calls and more visits. The Corrigan House has been able to meet the right audience online and help more families discover their senior living community.