Evoke Wellness is a network of treatment centers that offers high-quality, comprehensive care for patients struggling with addiction. They currently have six locations in Florida, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

In 2022, Evoke Wellness came to Dreamscape Marketing for a total redesign of all its digital properties. The goal was to unify the look and feel of all the websites in a single, cohesive, attractive, and modern layout, which would decrease load times, increase conversions and lead to more people getting the help they need.

In a truncated timeline of only six weeks, Dreamscape’s production teams worked diligently to provide a brand-new look and feel for the entire website. We included animated illustrations to emphasize the aspirational qualities of recovery, light, and modern typography to accentuate brand-new, effectively-written, and SEO-optimized on-page content and a brand-new visual identity that carried through to each location’s new website.

Within the month of active design, Dreamscape Marketing launched four brand-new websites for the Evoke Wellness corporate website and location-specific websites for Evoke Wellness branches in Miramar, Florida; Cohasset, Massachusetts; and Hilliard, OH.

Two more sites launched shortly after: Coconut Creek, Florida, and Waltham, Massachusetts.

Since the sites launched, we’ve seen dramatic increases in traffic to each of their websites. Overall, visits are up, bounce rates are down, and most importantly, conversions are up, meaning more people are visiting the website, connecting with the Evoke Wellness mission, and getting the help they need.