When you’re looking for information, where are you most likely to search for it? Unless you’re sitting at home or in your office, you probably reach for your phone. Today, more people use their phones for online searches than they use their computers. Therefore, non-profit mobile solutions are the key to keeping your organization up-to-date with the current digital marketing trends.

Everyone’s On Their Phones For a Reason

Svg%3EAlmost everyone carries a smartphone with them. Mobile websites offer fast, convenient, and straightforward information so people can consume content on-the-go. Riding the train on your way to work? Check the news. Waiting in line for food? Check your email.

Hear someone mention an interesting non-profit organization and want more information? Google them. If it’s your non-profit organization being mentioned, then you want the best non-profit mobile solutions available.

Fast, Reliable, and Accurate Information

There are many steps that go into optimizing a site for mobile. Often, full desktop sites will not load properly or quickly on a mobile device. Furthermore, there tend to be a ton of information on large desktop sites. When you’re looking for information quickly, an unoptimized site can slow you down.

In addition to using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to help your site load faster, we also tailor your content to suit the needs of both desktop and mobile websites. AMPs often have simpler, more condensed content so that visitors can get what they need from the page quickly. This way, your viewers get a clear picture of your non-profit organization in a fast and concise manner.

Mobile Website Design Isn’t Just Mini-Desktop Design

While smartphones may just seem like mini computers nowadays, that’s far from the truth. Just as how a phone isn’t just a computer shrunk down to size, a mobile website design can’t just be shrunk for the small screen. Instead, designers have to take into account the way people use their phones to explore websites.

At Dreamscape Marketing, our designers take into account all the unique ways individuals use their phones and ensure that AMPs are working efficiently across all devices. In fact, when we launch your website, we check its performance on a variety of smartphones and tablets to ensure that users can access information about your non-profit organization regardless of what kind of device they’re using.

Finding NonProfit Mobile Solutions For Your Organization

Even if you have the perfect website, you need to make sure it’s ready for the small screen. Count on the professionals at Dreamscape Marketing to develop the non-profit mobile solutions you need. Just as how your organization would never leave anyone out, make sure your website is doing the same. Contact the Dream Team today at 877-958-9180 to learn more about our non-profit website hosting, SEO for nonprofits, non-profit CRM, and mobile website design capabilities for non-profit organizations.