The Client

An exclusive drug and alcohol addiction treatment center based in Florida with a strong sales team and industry reputation was looking to diversify away from its focus of generating on-line leads through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and build equity value in their digital operations to lower overall cost per admission.

The Challenge

The Client had recently completed a website redesign but was cautious to engage in a large SEO campaign to achieve their desired goals as they had not seen past success in previous attempts. In addition, they wanted to continue with a modified PPC campaign while SEO value incrementally built before reducing PPC spend to improve marketing ROI.

Knowing how competitive the Florida market was, they knew that in order to have success online they needed a marketing partner that knew the industry and had the resources to meet their needs.

Why Dreamscape Marketing

Dreamscape was chosen as Client’s key marketing partner due to its reputation of delivering qualified leads that drive marketing ROI. In addition, Dreamscape offered both the PPC and SEO support the client needed to achieve its brand, lead generation, and equity valuation goals.

Dreamscape provided the industry experience along with industry leading reporting so the Client could track Dreamscape’s performance, as well as their own over time, keeping all constituents on track and on target.

What Did Dreamscape Marketing Do?

In order to meet the Client’s objectives of building long-term equity value in its digital assets, while also maintaining a stream of qualified leads via the PPC marketing channel as the SEO assets were developed, Dreamscape implemented the following strategy:

Increased efficiency of PPC spend by creating organic content that both improved PPC campaign conversion and added to SEO value, thus reducing total spend, decreasing cost-per-admission;

  • Fully overhauled Client’s newly designed website with more contemporary backend coding tactics and integration of a stronger user experience with call to actions and prospect driven content, increasing the conversion of traffic to calls by 3 times;
  • Geo-targeted initial content creation to the surrounding area to support on-site sales team efforts and enhance Client credibility with prospects and partners, increasing direct traffic conversions;
  • In conjunction with the above, developed and executed a strategic marketing plan that included a 1-year organic SEO campaign producing a diversified portfolio of over 1,000 unique, digital assets, including blogs, videos, infographics, and landing pages, which were all supported by robust content distribution and link building initiatives in order to build Client’s desired online equity.

The Results

  • Visitor traffic increased to average over 4,000 per month from just over 1,000 only 12 months prior, a 325% increase in both organic and total traffic
  • Call generation increased to average over 170 per month from less than 30 per month, a nearly 600% increase
  • This produced an average of over 80 qualified leads per month from online campaign compared to an average of 15 from previous campaign structure
  • Over 400% increases in targeted traffic from top 5 target states
  • Successfully eliminated high PPC spend by re-targeting PPC spend to a defensive strategy, lowering overall cost per admission by 50%
  • Organic SEO campaign is currently top lead producer for the Client out of all media channels
  • The Client has become a referral source for Dreamscape

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