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A constant research companion: Now more than 50% of all web traffic

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Why Are Mobile Apps Important to Your Small Business?

Mobile apps are software applications that have been specifically developed to use on the smartphones and tablets that your customers are using. Mobile applications assist users by connecting them to internet services that until recently were more often accessed on notebooks and desktop computers.

People today spend more time online than with any other media. We spend most of that time using apps on mobile devices. When people search for a product or service on their mobile device, a mobile app is often one of the top results. Mobile apps are fast taking over as the main channel for digital interaction.

People Use Their Mobile Devices While…

Percentages of searches done via mobile

Dreamscape Marketing Mobile Apps Place Your Content in the Palm of Your Customer’s Hand.

Here are a few of the ways mobile apps differ from regular web content:

  • All-in-one application puts your business on display
  • Free, fast download provides a quick way for your customer to learn more about you
  • Secure method of presenting your message
  • Touch base with existing clients & keep them close to promote retention
  • Customized user-experience design
  • Integrated GPS directions provide your clients with turn-by-turn guidance to your business, ensuring that they know where you are
  • Waypoints ensure that you’re visible in map searches on mobile devices
  • No need for customers to write down your contact information—one touch from inside your app starts a phone call with you
  • Tell-A-Friend feature encourages your customer to talk about you with their friends via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social media environments
  • Menus optimized for mobile devices spotlight your products and services
  • Press release feature can ensure that your customers know what’s happening at your facility
  • Multiple points of contact are listed to ensure that every client has a comfortable and convenient way to reach out to you
  • Optimized image gallery that looks better than real life on today’s HD devices
  • Keep your customers engaged with push notifications and content alerts
  • Blog integration that empowers your users to read and respond to your blog posts
  • Social media environment integration: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest—connect with your customers wherever they are!