Website Design & Development

“Hospitality and patient care converge in the senior living industry.”

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Dreamscape Marketing develops and refines senior living websites that utilize the most up-to-date marketing technologies and platforms.

The WordPress platform is our tool of choice for website management. WordPress is the leading Content Management System (CMS) on the web, and offers the best suite of tools for site administration.

Dreamscape Marketing also uses a WordPress plugin called Visual Composer. VC allows for easy, responsive site-wide changes. It enables us to make those changes with fast and precise editing, which minimizes production costs. This helps us offer senior living websites that would otherwise cost much more money. We refer to our websites as “responsive” because they adjust their layout depending on the device and browser the viewer is using. Screen sizes are dynamically changed to fit the device, and mobile or tablet users will see touch screen menus. Responsive websites are critical in today’s market because fully 55% of all traffic comes from a cell phone or tablet.

2016: A Record Year

Dreamscape Marketing completed a record number of website projects in 2016. We continue to build on our 10+ years of experience, providing our clients with the solutions they need.

Dreamscape Marketing develops senior living websites with your clients in mind.

We have extensive experience working with different types of healthcare facilities. We know the industry trends and completely understand the challenges your industry faces. With hundreds of satisfied web design customers, we’ve proven that we know exactly how to design a website that outperforms others in the industry. We’ll design and build your unique website with the user experience in mind. Seniors and their adult children will be able to find the information they’re looking for. Your content will be designed to motivate potential residents to pick up the phone and call your facility.

At Dreamscape Marketing, we believe that the senior living industry is where hospitality meets healthcare. Potential residents and their families want to know about your amenities and what their experience will be like at your facility. Some questions that people often ask when searching for a senior living facility:

  • What do your apartments look like?
  • What kind of meals will be offered?
  • What kind of amenities do you have?
  • Are there shopping destinations nearby?
  • Will there be parking for my car?
  • Will I be able to maintain my independence?

Just as they would if they were picking a resort for their vacation, your potential residents want to know what your senior living facility offers. All of our websites strive to quell fear, show comfortable environments, and demonstrate respect for residents and their families.