Mobile Solutions

Mobile Makes up more than 50% of all web traffic

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Why are mobile apps so important?

Mobile apps are software applications that have been specifically developed to use on small, wireless devices (smartphones, tablets) instead of desktop or laptop computing devices. Mobile applications assist users by connecting them to internet services than traditionally were more commonly accessed on notebooks and desktop computers.
Why are mobile apps so important? Because these days we spend more time online than with any other media. We spend most of that “digital” time in apps on mobile devices. Consequently, apps are quickly becoming the undisputed key form of digital interaction.

Your customers use mobile apps to research senior living options while…

Percentages of searches done via mobile

Dreamscape Marketing Mobile Apps ensure that you get the modern content delivery that you need.

  • All-in-one application displays your practice’s benefits
  • Your sales team can leverage the free download and make sure that contacts showcase your GP or specialty practice
  • Secure & succinct way to present your message
  • Touch base with existing patients & keep them close
  • Customized mobile app user-experience design
  • GPS directions provide patients with turn-by-turn guidance to your practice—no matter where they are, they’ll be able to find you
  • Map waypoints ensure that you’re visible in searches on mobile devices
  • One-touch calling from inside your app—no need for patients to write down your contact information
  • Tell-A-Friend feature encourages patients to share their experience with their friends via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social media environments
  • Easy-to-navigate, optimized mobile menus ensure that your unique service offerings, facility and treatment methods are highlighted
  • Event listings feature ensures that patients children know what’s happening at your practice
  • Complete contact information – multiple points of contact to ensure that every patient has a comfortable and convenient way to reach out to you
  • Optimized image gallery that looks fantastic on iOs, Android, and Windows Mobile devices
  • Blog integration that promotes your feeds and empowers your users to read and respond to your blog posts
  • Social media environment integration: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – connect with your customers wherever they are