website structure for SEO

5 Ways to Create a Dental Practice Website Structure That’s Optimized for SEO

Your dental practice website’s structure matters for a variety of reasons. However, it’s your website structure for SEO that is a key determining factor for whether you get enough web traffic. Creating a website without SEO in mind is as unrealistic as working on a new patient’s teeth without consulting x-rays first. In other words,…

Drug Rehab Marketing

4 Factors Influencing Substance Use Trends

With nearly 18 million Americans struggling with at least one addiction, the need for substance use assistance is considerable. Any ethical method of increasing your drug rehab marketing reach can be a valuable tool in getting your message to those who need you. One way of magnifying your marketing power is identifying the factors influencing…

Senior Living Marketing

4 Best Destinations for Senior Living Digital Marketing

Finding your target audience online can be almost as difficult as converting them. That task is even harder for busy senior living community marketers trying to help new residents find their communities. And while there are more than 284 million internet users in the U.S, the stereotype has always been that most of those users…

Dental Marketing Online Reviews

Dental Practice Marketing, Online Review Questions, Answered

How do your patients find you? Patients place a high value on others’ experiences, and the quality of your practice’s reputation directly impacts your success. Eighty-seven percent of searchers trust online reviews when looking for a dental practice. And with the dramatic increase of local search and online reviews, there’s no shortage of testimonials for…

dental practice website design

What Do Patients Look for in Their Dentist’s Website?

Your dental practice website design determines whether prospective patients go to your practice website or a competitor’s. Your practice website is the patients’ first impression of your practice. Make sure it’s a good one.   There are a host of reasons why viewers could see your dental practice website as outdated or frustrating to navigate. Let’s…

vaccine roll out

What Does The Vaccine Roll-Out Mean for Senior Living Communities?

When the pandemic hit, senior living communities found themselves in a difficult position. Most CCRCs usually depend on in-person events to attract prospective residents for campus tours. When lockdowns and social distancing became the norm, in-person events suddenly disappeared as a marketing tool for senior living communities. Now, the vaccine roll out is enabling CCRCs…

content marketing

5 Tips for Developing a Content Marketing Plan

Not all companies approach content marketing in the same way. Some emphasize quantity, some stress the value of quality. In any battle of quantity versus quality, quality always wins when a reputable marketing agency is involved.  When viewers land on your site, they expect to find content that answers their questions. They want to be…

SEO Myths

5 SEO Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

Should your business be proactive about investing in SEO? As digital marketers, Dreamscape Marketing finds this question strange… as strange as asking if you should be proactive about eating food and drinking water. Both questions are about survival. You can’t survive without food and water, and your website can’t survive without an effective SEO plan.…