digital advertising for dental

Digital Advertising for Dental Practices: 3 Tips to Boost Your ROI on Ads

Every year, you pour thousands of dollars into digital advertising for dental practices, hoping you’ll attract the attention of new patients for your member practices. But have you ever stopped to wonder whether or not you’re getting a return on your ad spend?The fact that online advertising is growing, especially among healthcare organizations, is no…

healthcare marketing automation

Is Healthcare Marketing Automation the Future of Marketing or a Fad?

Automation is one of marketing’s hottest trends—especially healthcare marketing automation. These powerful tech tools enable marketing managers to “set and forget” tedious labor-intensive tasks.Rather than getting bogged down by frequently asked questions or individually responding to contact forms and emails, marketers now automate these and other typical communications that used to take over their to-do…

alcohol rehab alumni marketing

Spread Your Mission + Earn Referrals with Alcohol Rehab Alumni Marketing

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth referrals are a significant part of any marketing strategy. And for owners and operators of alcohol addiction treatment centers, word-of-mouth marketing plays an especially important role—especially when coming from alumni of your program. Alumni speak to their experience in your program, and they’re often embedded in 12-step and other recovery…