marketing mental health services

Marketing Guidelines for Mental Health Providers

Marketing mental health services in the midst of a global pandemic is challenging. The need for mental health services is rising. The marketing plan for mental health professionals must adjust to this situation.  Multiple studies have shown us that the pandemic has been every bit as destructive to mental health as we could have imagined.…

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Why Your Mental Health Practice Needs a Mental Health Marketing Agency

As the pandemic continues, it has become apparent that its effects on mental health have been devastating. Prospective patients looking for mental health treatment are reaching out in unprecedented numbers. Consequently, it falls on the mental health marketing agency you choose to effectively reach these needy patients.  Marketing mental health private practices requires far more…

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Best Ways to Advertise Mental Health Services

The pandemic brought many challenges and difficulties. It also cast a spotlight on the state of the country’s mental health. The need for treatment is greater than ever. Keep in mind that it’s through mental health advertising that you will most likely reach those individuals who need your help.  Depression and anxiety have increased significantly…

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Why Behavioral Health Centers with a Mobile Site are Winning on the Web

When the first internet-capable mobile phone was released in 1996, no one could have predicted how we would be using the internet today. Now 85% of Americans own a smartphone1—a 50% increase since 2011 when the Pew Research Center started tracking ownership. Smartphone ownership has brought about a curious side effect: mobile browsing as the…


5 Elements of Effective Web Design for Senior Living Communities

According to the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. has nearly 1 million beds spread across almost 30,000 senior living communities.1 And each one is vying for the same residents you are. So how do you set your community apart? Sure, you have excellent reviews, top-notch staff, and all the boxes on your marketing to-do list…

building emotional momentum with dental patients

5 Steps to Building Emotional Momentum With Your Dental Patients

How does your dental care make your patients feel? Not their physical feelings, although those are important. We mean their emotions. Does making an appointment inspire calm or nervousness? Does walking into your office cause reassurance or reaffirm their anxieties? Does consulting with you leave them feeling confident and cared for? Or more scared and…

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5 Great Ways to Market Telehealth Behavioral Health Services

Two years ago, telehealth was a fringe treatment option. The pandemic, however, changed all that. After a period of adjustment by providers and patients alike, telehealth behavioral health has now become very much a part of the landscape. Have you implemented mental health telehealth as well as you could have? The only way to be…

Senior Living SEO

Weak SEO Strategy? Here’s How to Stop Losing New Resident Leads

New resident leads are the lifeblood to growing and sustaining senior facilities. For senior living communities, finding sources of new resident leads is a never-ending task. While you probably can’t eliminate the search altogether, you can make the process much, much easier. How? Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, also called SEO, is a crucial…

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What Kind of Marketing Plan Do You Need For Your Mental Health Practice?

Mental health treatment providers are faced with a difficult task. Approximately half the population will experience some form of illness in their lifetime. Yet 60% of them won’t actually pursue treatment. As a result, mental health marketing must accomplish the enormous feat of getting them into treatment.  Are you marketing mental health services the right…

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How To Build A Sustainable Mental Health Digital Marketing Strategy

A smart mental health digital marketing strategy empowers you to more easily reach prospective patients. And reaching them has never been more important. In the wake of the pandemic, the public’s collective mental health has been severely challenged. Anxiety and depression reached new levels as a direct result of COVID. At the same time, drug…