Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact on SEO

Coronavirus Impact on Healthcare Industry Websites As we all adapt to this “new normal” in the wake of the COVID-19 or Coronavirus outbreak its effects have reached further than your local grocery stores. The Coronavirus Pandemic has had drastic effects on the search behavior of consumers and thus the traffic, ranking and performance of websites…

dental practice social media

Dental Practice Social Media

The world is changing fast. Although dentists pride themselves by remaining on the leading edge of dental technology, there’s one technology where they lag behind other professions: social media. In fact, in many ways, dental practice social media is still in its infancy as a powerful tool for increasing patient retention and boosting production. Dentists…

senior living reputation management

Senior Living Reputation Management & How to Maintain It

Here’s a hard truth. At any given moment, people online can shape your reputation in a good way or a bad way. What can you do to keep your community’s image positive online? Without question, the answer is effective senior living reputation management. Based on our experience with hundreds of healthcare clients, Dreamscape Marketing recommends…


The Value of Social Media Through Social Crisis

How addiction treatment centers should develop their social media voice now, to weather the storm, and prepare for brighter days ahead. Today we find ourselves in a time of great uncertainty both personally and professionally. The coronavirus pandemic has thrown all aspects of our personal and professional lives into chaos. As medical professionals and business…

small business marketing tips during coronavirus

Small Business Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Across America, small businesses are struggling. Many are shuttered due to stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders with the rise of the coronavirus pandemic. Those that are operational are having a difficult time getting foot traffic into stores, or are finding themselves having to adjust to new safety protocols and no-contact service. Whatever the case that you’re…

doing math on how to adjust your marketing budget for coronavirus

How to Adjust Your Marketing Budget During a Crisis

During uncertain economic times, one of the first budgets to be reduced or cut by a large number of companies is the marketing budget. While there is some logic in doing this — especially when consumers have less disposable income to spend — what often goes overlooked is the opportunity to get ahead of the…

assisted facility marketing coronavirus

Assisted Living Facility Marketing Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

The country and the world as a whole are facing uncertain times with the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vulnerable populations, especially senior citizens, are seeking ways to stay safe and healthy with the invisible dangers surrounding them. As a result, senior living communities and assisted living facilities face difficult business challenges in terms of…

woman pondering what to do about her drug rehab marketing strategy during coronavirus

Drug Rehab Marketing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A lot of questions have arisen along with the coronavirus, many of which are very difficult to answer. Fortunately, we have some answers around the topic of marketing your addiction treatment center, specifically around the importance of SEO for drug rehabs during the coronavirus pandemic. Though these are uncertain times for businesses in all industries,…