E-A-T and SEO

How Does the Internet Benefit Drug Rehab Facilities?

A whopping 86% of patients use the internet to research and/or find the addiction treatment facility they chose to go to. How does the internet benefit drug rehab facilities? Essentially, two things: Offline Multiplier effect: There is a well-known offline multiplier effect to all digital marketing campaigns. With so many of an addiction treatment center’s…


Drug Rehab Branding: The Rules Are Totally Different

In traditional marketing, branding is an important—usually indispensable—function of advertising campaigns. A brand sets off a client as unique in some manner. As a company grows, its name becomes well-known and eventually turns into one of its key competitive advantages. A highly successful company usually trades off of its name recognition very effectively. Some companies…


The Biggest Mistake Drug Rehab Centers Make With Digital Assets

The ever-evolving nature of technology has made addiction internet marketing one of the most challenging specialties in the business world. How addicts, their family members, alumni and partners all perceive the quality of a treatment program is a direct result of the facility’s digital presence. When addiction treatment facilities embrace this change, they profit from…