Studying business intelligence for drug rehab centers

Business Intelligence For Drug Rehab Centers

Business intelligence for drug rehab centers ultimately determines how successful your facility will be. Some addiction treatment centers don’t know that. In fact, a few don’t even know the term. Business Intelligence, also known as BI, is an industry term for the strategies and technologies that companies use based on the data that they have…


Drug Rehab Marketing Lies – Have You Told Yourself These?

They float around marketing departments and eventually become accepted as true. But they aren’t. We’re talking about drug rehab marketing lies. Left unchallenged, they fester and wreak havoc on your marketing budget and ultimately, your admissions. In its experience of working with hundreds of addiction treatment facilities across the country, Dreamscape Marketing has observed many…

LegitScript verification

LegitScript Certification Process and LegitScript Certification Requirements for Rehab PPC

The LegitScript certification process is an industry standard requirement for addiction treatment centers to run paid search campaigns as of September 2017. Google dropped the hammer on addiction treatment center advertising to discourage unethical practices on the Google Ads platform. LegitScript is a third-party background check company hired by Google to regulate drug rehab centers…


The Best SEO for Addiction Treatment Centers – Knowing What It Takes

Nothing is more important to your drug rehab center’s marketing than your website. And absolutely nothing is more crucial to the success of your website than effective SEO. The best SEO for addiction treatment centers is necessary to bring in the web traffic you need to increase phone calls and admissions. The question is, who…


Senior Living Community Marketing – It Evolves Around Your Website

As the number of baby boomers retiring increases, senior living communities compete more heavily than ever for residents. Consequently, facilities are enhancing their amenities in an attempt to appeal to the discriminating tastes of baby boomers. One thing is certain: senior living community marketing depends heavily on an internet presence to reach seniors or adult…