4 Marketing Lies You Could Do Without

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They float around marketing departments and in conversations with clients they serve. Once told, they settle in and become accepted as true. But they aren’t. They are lies… lies told to addiction treatment facilities or the lies that detox or rehab centers actually tell themselves. Left unchallenged, they will fester and wreak havoc on your marketing budget and ultimately, your admissions.

No one wants to admit these are lies, of course. They are very useful to many marketing firms and in-house marketing departments. To make them more palatable and acceptable, lies are given apolite and acceptable name: conventional wisdom. But the fact remains that these lies get trotted out as genuine business knowledge. It’s time to protect your addiction treatment facility against
any and all marketing lies.

In its experience of working with hundreds of addiction treatment facilities across the country, Dreamscape Marketing has observed many marketing lies in play. This whitepaper will address some of the most common ones.