The 2021 SEO Guide: The CMO’s Guide to Marketing Success in a Digital-First World



As all business owners know, SEO (search engine optimization) is a crucial aspect of their websites’ success. However, to experience that success requires carefully adhering to a number of techniques designed to generate the kind of web traffic you’re looking for. Dreamscape Marketing’s 2021 SEO Guide has been designed to give you insight into effective SEO strategies. This guide serves as the basis of the effective SEO strategies that have helped hundreds of our healthcare clients to increase web traffic and increase profitability.

Search engines take thousands of things into account as they judge a website’s quality. Therefore, it would be impossible to discuss every element. Instead, this guide serves as a broad introduction to what effective SEO looks like. We won’t be getting into all the nitty-gritty details. We choose to simply present you with an accessible introduction to the SEO techniques you need to know about if you wish to increase your website’s Google ranking. Each chapter in this guide will shed light on subjects you’ve heard about and maybe a few you haven’t. If you do what these nine chapters suggest, your SEO game will be in top form:

Let’s Talk SEO
Search is All About Content, Content, Content
How Smart is Your Site Architecture?
Let’s Have a Look at Your Backend
Core Web Vitals
Link Building = Higher Ranking
Trust and Authority: Why They Matter
Understand User Context
Emerging Bells and Whistles
Unethical Marketing Practices