The Client

A de novo drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility based in southeast Florida was opening in the fall of 2015. Its mission is to provide outstanding and lasting solutions that inspire and enrich the lives of those they encounter. One of the many ways they do this is by offering multiple levels of care and various types of care including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Work, Trauma-informed therapies (EMDR & Hypnotism) and Relapse Prevention Strategies. Each with a focus on personalized treatment plans for the individual.

The Challenge

The facility had previously contracted their website to be built with another marketing agency that outsourced the development internationally. This produced a design that did not fulfill the facility’s online vision and lacked a flexible content management system which would have allowed changes to be easily made to make that vision a reality in a timely and economic manner.

Why Dreamscape Marketing

Time was of essence as the deadline for the facility’s opening was looming and could not be delayed and the website was a critical marketing tool for new leads, but this could not be at the sacrifice of quality. Dreamscape was chosen as the facility’s key industry partner for this project due to its ability to deliver quality digital assets at breakneck speed due to its laser focused industry knowledge and deep digital marketing expertise.

What Did Dreamscape Marketing Do?

Dreamscape was faced with the challenge of completing a high-quality, website design in order to meet the facility’s opening deadlines. To do this Dreamscape worked closely with the facility’s staff to ascertain their needs, determine what they wanted to convey to their clients and prospects and how they wanted their website to look different from competitors and partners in order to set them apart from other facilities. They also wanted a design that conveyed hope, sobriety, and treatment of the highest standard. To do this Dreamscape did the following:

  • Designed and built a full-scale, lead generation, drug rehab facility website in two-weeks. At the minimum this would have typically taken six-weeks to accomplish
  • Through the use of strong typography, intentional white space, high-quality facility photos, and various interactive elements (parallax imagery, ghost buttons, and CSS animation) established an online presence that showcased the facility as a trust-worthy, dependable provider of the highest level of treatment
  • Ensured the design was flexible and responsive, allowing for successful execution on both desktop and mobile
  • Built the entire website on a scalable and flexible content management system that allows the Facility to easily updated, modify, scale, change and grow its online presence with external support on an as needed basis

The Results

  • Fully-responsive, search engine optimized, 29-page website
  • Averaging nearly 600-700 new visitors per month, with a very high density in the local market area as the facility continues to expand its partner channel and build its name within the community
  • With a scalable digital platform, the facility is poised to launch a full SEO and PPC campaign in the coming months to further expand its marketing presence and increase its census.