There are many reasons that Dreamscape Marketing loves industry conferences like the Treatment Center Investment and
Valuation (TCIV) Retreat. Firstly, they give us a chance to learn from other leaders in the industry, while also letting us showcase what makes Dreamscape so special. We also have a particular pension for addiction treatment conferences because we have so much experience in the behavioral healthcare sector. What makes the TCIV Retreat special, thoughattendees meeting at the TCIV, is that it targets executives in the addiction treatment industry.

Because this conference focuses on people looking to grow their businesses, it’s perfect for the marketing expertise of Dreamscape.

What Dreamscape is Looking for in a Conference

There are a handful of things that Dreamscape looks for before attending a conference. Luckily the TCIV Retreat meets every requirement.


It’s incredibly important for us to trust the producers of any given conference. Credible sponsors mean that the information will be up-to-date, the attendees will be industry leaders, and the vendors will have valuable services to offer. Luckily, the TCIV Retreat is being hosted by the Institute for the Advancement of Behavioral Healthcare. So with such a trusted foundation behind the scenes, we can trust that the event will deliver.

Quality Discussions and Speakers

A quality retreat will also have quality speakers and panelists. Whether it be educational sessions, keynote speakers, or a more open discussion, we value the dialogue between leaders. This is something that the TCIV Retreat has in abundance. Their big sessions are comprised of both panel discussions and expert presentations on the current state of the industry.

Dreamscape has even gotten the chance to be a part of these larger discussions. For example, Dreamscape CEO Daniel Gemp has been a valuable panelist at the TCIV Retreats in the past. This allows us to engage and showcase our unique approach to marketing, company culture, and our code of ethics.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is the lifeblood of these conferences. In a growing and changing industry, making connections is the best way to stay ahead of the curve and to attract potential clients. However, the formal networking opportunities are only a piece of the puzzle. Some of the best networking opportunities happen while attendees are just having fun together.

Opportunities for informal networking are everywhere at the TCIV Retreat. This lets us really get to know you and showcase what makes us special. Our attitude, ideas, and transparency really shine when we can speak comfortably and candidly.

Who Should Attend the TCIV Retreat?

Unlike some of the other conferences Dreamscape attends, the TCIV Retreat targets executives and leaders in the addiction treatment, mental healthcare, and behavioral healthcare industries. Relevant members of these sectors include:

  • CEOs or COOs
  • Executive Directors
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents
  • Owners or Board Members of Treatment Centers
  • CFOs, Controllers, or other financial titles
  • Investors, Brokers, or Financiers from the investment community

This unique blend of investors and executives should lead to some productive and lively conversations.

What Dreamscape Has to Offer

In addition to our marketing expertise, we want to discuss our many services that we provide. Our ultimate goal is to offer businesses the chance to grow organically and ethically. Some of our services include:

Conferences also give us a chance to meet you in person so we can form relationships with you. Many SEO agencies employ shady techniques or offer shortcuts in place of real growth. Dreamscape, on the other hand, offers something different. Our policies and methods are transparent, our techniques have proven themselves, and our company culture is unique and friendly.

If you’re thinking of attending the TCIV Retreat, come meet the Dream Team! We don’t disappoint. Likewise, if you’re ready to dramatically improve your web presence, contact us today at 8883077304.