Svg%3EA dreamscape, by its formal definition, is a dreamlike and surreal scene or landscape. Such scenes become creations through painting in broad strokes to make the dream a reality. When it comes to digital marketing, creating a surreal landscape is what we do best. Through transparent, ethical, digital marketing concepts and methods, we are leading the charge in custom digital campaign development, patient acquisition marketing, and business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing. Learn about the Dreamscape company history and how we have our sights set high for our future.

Take a Trip Through Dreamscape Company History

The Dreamscape company history begins in 2005 at the digital forefront of the new millennium, with now global enterprises such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube coming into their own. Through personal funding, managing partners Daniel Gemp and Kevin Plumlee set out to change the face of digital marketing.

With a focus on financial modeling and solid return-on-investment data, the work of Dreamscape Marketing now spans across 28 different industries. These industries include both public and private sectors, public traded entities, e-commerce defense contractors, major consumer brands, and even professional sports teams. Throughout our company history, our evolvement includes becoming a leader in the industries of addiction treatment, senior care, dentistry, and a variety of private practice medical sectors.

Investing in our team has always been a focus throughout our company history, with the majority of our paid media team coming straight from Google. The Dreamscape company history also includes members of our team in major publications such as the New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek. Our Dream Team talent also spans throughout the industry, with alumni members holding positions within Fortune 2000 companies like US News and World Report and Black and Decker.

The New Normal

At Dreamscape Marketing, we like to think we’re “normal” for a digital marketing company. That is, if you find an average growth of over 50% annually normal. Or, if you find attending and speaking at hundreds of national conferences “normal.” There’s also the class A office space for our headquarters that now includes a zero-gravity massage chair and every Nintendo game available on one screen.

In other words, we like to embrace our new idea of “normal.”

Throughout Dreamscape company history, we believe that people like doing business where business is getting done. Our office environment encourages and supports relentless improvement as part of everyday operations. The Dream Team and technology is ever evolving through real-time research that we both fund and staff to maintain innovation.

As we continue to grow, our clients grow. While we continue to welcome new clients and partnerships, Dreamscape Marketing places a significant value on the relationship and growth of our current clients. When our clients win we win, and vice versa.

Our History Drives Our Future

So what will the future hold for the Dream Team at Dreamscape Marketing?

As we look ahead to crossing the 50 employee mark in 2019, we continue to set our sights high. Our current mission is to continue driving hundreds of thousands of admissions to health care providers with strong ethical and clinical standards. Through our effective and transparent marketing efforts, we can continue to do our part in combating the opioid crisis and overall fight against addiction.

The Dream Team also has their sights set on winning even more awards for our design and digital marketing campaigns. Over the last three years, we have decked out our walls with countless awards, and we have no plans on slowing down now.

Become Part of History

We view our clients as our partners. Without our clients, we have no business. This alignment drives us towards the strongest collaborative campaigns possible, and we want you to be a part of it.

The Dream Team invites you to become part of our growing Dreamscape company history. We will continue to make the dreams of our team, clients, and partners a reality while being at the forefront of new methods in digital marketing. Reach out to Dreamscape Marketing today at 877-958-9180 to make the dreamscape for your business a thriving reality.